A trusted advisor to businesses since 1990, ABC understands the importance of your communications and complexity of provider relationships. At ABC we have established a solid track record for delivering the creative solutions that allow companies to take control of their costs and needs; by keeping our focus on telecommunications. Our holistic approach and methodology to all components of a project or analysis – beyond the obvious billing error – has made us one of the nation’s leading independent providers of management consulting services.

At the foundation of ABC success are our resources, experience and team. Our expert consultants have strong telecommunications backgrounds to understand the unique challenges facing your organization. ABC deals with the complexity of provider relationships every day, and we remain current on technologies updates and ever-changing industry standards. We apply that knowledge, experience and expertise in telecommunications – so you can focus on your success.

CCI has relied on the consulting and management services of ABC for over 15 years. Reliability, flexibility and support cannot be compromised in our communications systems or service. ABC’s commitment to excellence has been a key component in our drive for industry superiority.
Linda Russell, President and CEO
Collection Center, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT