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ABC Delivers Over $308K Resulting From Client TELECOM Audit

Review of voice, data, cell phone, and conference calling bills reveals errors

Minneapolis – December 8, 2005 - American Business Communication Inc. (ABC) announced today it has successfully obtained for Accredo Health Incorporated over $308,000 in reimbursements resulting from billing errors on a variety of telecom services from leading national service providers. ABC, a national provider of managed telecommunications services, reviewed months of Accredo’s invoices, mainly focusing on long distance and cellular phone calling, and discovered a variety of invoice errors and mistakes that now are being refunded and credited back.

 “It is not uncommon for us to find billing mistakes of some type on nearly every bill we look at,” ABC’s founder and CEO Nita Singh said. “Rates are wrong, service fees are incorrect, and charges that are supposed to be one-time continue to appear month after month. What we were able to deliver for Accredo in returning hundreds of thousands of dollars adds to the millions we have found for our customers over the years.”

“We decided to work with ABC earlier this year on an in-depth review of our telecom services as a way of satisfying ourselves that we were doing everything we could in managing a group of costs that had been growing over the years,” said Kyle Truitt, Chief Information Officer for Accredo. “To gain this type of return is beneficial, but it clearly points to the fact that businesses must be vigilant in monitoring these types of service invoices.”

The billing discrepancies found in reviewing Accredo’s invoices included incorrect rates, one-time charges recurring month after month, and billings for incorrect and non-existent services. ABC worked with the company in gathering key internal information, including service contracts and product inventories. ABC then approached the individual service providers to gain acknowledgement of the errors, correct the problems, and negotiate appropriate credits and refunds.

“We validate what the leading industry analysts are saying when it comes to ongoing billing errors in the telecommunications industry,” Singh continued. “Businesses are especially vulnerable because of the variety of products and services they use from multiple vendors. ABC is now being asked by our clients to go beyond the bill audit or contract negotiation and work along side them in managing their total telecom environment so that errors don’t repeat themselves.” Many telecommunication industry analysts, including those from Gartner Group, Forrester Research, and Aberdeen Group have stated that from 7 – 12 percent of all telecom-related charges are incorrect, and that better than 8 out of 10 telecommunications invoices are not audited.

About American Business Communication Inc.
American Business Communication Inc.’s (ABC) Managed Telecommunications Services help businesses identify, manage, and reduce expenses and optimize assets and environments enterprise-wide. Founded in 1990, ABC has provided our clients over $200 million in documented savings for voice, data, video, and wireless costs, with much of those savings in direct reimbursements, immediately impacting the bottom line. ABC assists in enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and streamlining services, protecting and improving profits. ABC identifies and delivers its solutions through the following services: Bill Auditing, Inventory Assessment, Carrier Selection & Negotiation, Service & System Procurement, Cost & Expense Management, Legal & Regulatory Aid, and Outsourced Support.

About Accredo Health, Incorporated
Accredo Health, Incorporated, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medco Health Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MHS), provides specialized pharmacy and related services pursuant to agreements with biotechnology drug manufacturers relating to the treatment of patients with certain costly, chronic diseases. The Company's services include collection of timely drug utilization and patient compliance information, patient education and monitoring through the use of written materials and telephonic consultation, reimbursement expertise and overnight drug delivery. To learn more about Accredo Health, visit


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